Monday, August 31, 2009


My long distance relationship is finally coming to an end!!
Mr. GrapeJuice (formally known as R) is coming home to me tomorrow!!!

Musical Mondays - Stephen Speaks

I like Broadway musicals...a lot. In high school, I even entertained the idea of pursuing a career on the stage. {{Some times I still do.}}

I've decided that it might be fun do a post on Mondays revolving around music - some Broadway and some contemporary.

For today, I've decided to post the lyrics to a contemporary song. I put it on a CD that I gave R for this past Christmas. It's called "All These Things" by Stephen Speaks. I put it on the CD in hopes that he would think of me whenever he listened to it. {{Doesn't every girl have a song or songs that she wants a guy to hear and immediately think of her?}} A couple of weeks ago, he began listening to the CD all the time and told me he loved this particular song because it reminded him of me. {{He can recite it from memory.}}

p.s. Make sure you pause the site music before you play the video! :)

Maybe it's her face, no makeup at all
As she tells me she's not beautiful
Maybe it's her hair, soft golden and wind blown
As we drive through the streets of town
It could be all these things
But I think it's her smile
Maybe it's her laugh when she throws back and sighs
Or her eyebrows when I do something stupid
Maybe it's her smell, the lotion she wears
Or how my hands smell like country pear for days
You know it could be all these things
But I think mostly it is her smile
Cause I love to see her smile back at me
And I know she is happy
Maybe it's her touch, the feel of her hands
When she puts her tiny fingers in mine
Maybe it's her eyes gently searching my soul
Still nothing stirs me like when I see those lips roll
and I see her smile
Cause I love to see her smile back at me
And I know she is happy

Sunday, August 30, 2009

From R to Mr. GrapeJuice

When the mister transferred into the small college we met at, he made lots of friends. {He's a very likable and talkative person.} His new friends nicknamed him GrapeJuice; his last name is Welch - like the grape juice. {Too bad he's not related to the juice maker!! We wouldn't have to worry about jobs or money.} Anyway, my point is that I forgot about his nickname until a few days ago! He will now be known on my little blog as Mr. GrapeJuice instead of R.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

super Duper SAVINGS!!!

I've started a new job {{as you well may know}} and I needed some new clothes. I bought a pair of capris and 2 shirts last weekend at Old Navy on sale. I thought I got them for a good deal...until I ventured to Kohl's this evening. If you didn't know, they were having a HUGE sale this weekend.

Here's a little recap of what I got {{and how much I saved}}:
Decorative Art - Original: $29.99//Sale: $14.99 [saved: $15.00]
Men's Knits - Original: $30.00//Sale: $6.00 [saved: $24.00]
Misses Tee - Original: $24.00//Sale: $4.80 [saved: $19.20]
Misses Knits - Original: $26.00//Sale: $2.60 [saved: $23.40]
Sonoma Sportswear - Original: $24.00//Sale: $4.80 [saved: $19.20]
Updated Separate - Original: $20.00//Sale: $4.00 [saved: $16.00]
Sonoma Sportswear - Original: $18.00//Sale: $3.60 [saved: $14.40]
Related Separate - Original: $42.00//Sale: $12.60 [saved: $29.40]
In total, I spent $53.39 {pre-sales tax}.
I saved $160.60 {pre-sales tax}.
I feel quite proud of myself!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Save-the-Date Video

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Elegance Bridal Gala in Mount Juliet, TN. There was a vendor - Dynamic Video - who was doing free Save-the-Date videos as a promotion for their company. I look at my Maid of Honor MC, and we both decided that this was something worth doing!

Guess what I got in my inbox today...

Our Save-the-Date video!!

And, I really, really like it.

p.s. I think I might start a food blog... My Williams-Sonoma books are calling my name...

Wedding Fact Friday

"Aquamarine represents marital harmony and is said to ensure a long, happy marriage." (source)

So glad that I'm a March baby!!!

5 days...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I know lots of people {{brides included}} do "I Wish" Wednesdays. Here's a little post that goes along with it...even though it's Thursday. It's over @ Weddzilla!!

6 Days!!!

[Can you tell that I'm excited??]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

E-Card from Mr. R

I got an e-card from R today. I saw that I had while I was at work, and I wanted to watch it so bad but my silly phone wouldn't let me. I waited all day!!!!

It was totally worth it though. Such a sweet card!!

Love Match-matics:
You x Me = Love squared
You/Me = 1
You + Me = Everything!
Me - You = Nothing
Without you,
My love formula is zero!
Missing you...

Personal message:
Hey baby. I love you so much and you are the love of my life. I can't wait to see you cuz I miss you very very much.
(please excuse his not-so-great grammar)

7 days!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Walk

I've picked some entrance music for myself to walk to R on our special day. Check it out on Weddzilla - here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little Baggage

Please excuse my emotional instability...
I love R - no matter what I say or how I act towards him. But, I fear that I'm in that phase where I'm trying to push him away to see if he'll stay. And, truth be told, I hate it. I want to get over it - if that's what it truly is.

We've been together for 1 year, 6 months, 11 days. I'm very proud of that. It's the longest relationship I've had and by far the best!! From the moment I met him, we had a special connection. {{We met on a snow day, which is significant to me because I was born during a freak snow "storm" in March of 1987.}}

But, I want to laugh with him again. I don't want to be annoyed by simple little things and then start a fight because of it, which even I know is ridiculous. I want him to consider me "fun." I don't want to be the boring girl who sits at home at night. I want to be the girl that goes out to a bar at night to grab a drink.

I know I have anxieties toward trying new things, but I've been out to a club - sans R and with R. Neither were that great. I'm slightly claustrophobic. {{Thanks, Mom!!}} But, maybe if I started slow, like at a nice, clean bar in an open, classy place??

I don't know. I think I'm just rambling. Shame on me for drinking a Long Island Ice Tea tonight. {{You can thank it for my whiny-ness.}}

But, really, we have good conversations, and there's no doubt that I absolutely, positively, without a single doubt in my mind love him!! I just want us to stop saying what we don't like about each other. I want us to be happier - like we were when we began dating...when I did the cooking and laundry for him and he spoiled me with little trinkets.

Any suggestions???

I totally plan on marrying him still, and I know a relationship takes work...but I want it to be better than it is right now. {{Maybe the stress of not having jobs is/was taking a toll on us??}}

Whatever the case my be...what can you suggest to make it better??

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's Go Out!

My future hubby and I don't go out very often. We've only been on a handful of dates. I'm not blaming anybody. While we were at school, he was working night shifts at FedEx and doing homework. and I was performing/choreographing shows and doing homework or student teaching. We never had the time to go out anywhere. On the weekends, we just wanted to relax and not do anything or go anywhere.

But, now, we're both out of school, and we have the time. Unfortunately, for the next 11 days (including today), he'll be in New York, as he has been since July 23. But, when he comes back, I've decided that we are going to go on a date!

I'm so excited!

My sister and her husband came over for dinner tonight, and we were all just sitting around the table talking. I noticed a coupon book near the table so I started thumbing through it. In the coupon book are several good deals. One deal is for buy one adult admissions, get one free for the General Jackson. And, that is what we'll be doing. I love Nashville at night, and R has yet to see it like that. Perfection!!

Photo: Radisson
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A Cookbook Giveaway

I love cooking...if you can't tell by what I have on my blog. You know - the chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon, the peach cobbler with blueberry muffin topping, and the spice cupcakes... :)

Well, imagine my surprise when I found a cookbook giveaway from one of the blogs I read. The authoress cooks sans gluten, but the cookbook she's giving away is what really caught my eye - The Joy of Cooking.
If you think you would be interested in obtaining this gem of a book, head on over to the blog - Without Adornment. This contest ends August 30th so you've got some time still.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love is Real

I was going through pictures on my computer randomly, and I found two of my favorite photos from my graduation back in May.
I thought I'd share them.
They make me smile.


More Dresses {{I can't get enough!}}

I know that I've posted dresses that I've tried on and dresses that I really, really want to try on.
I was a little I began looking for more dresses. The great thing is all the designers have new collections coming out for the fall season!!

Here's what I've found that I like and want to try on...

Allure 8678

Allure 8628

Mori Lee 2401

Maggie Sottero Charmaine

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Fact Friday

I almost forgot that it was "Fun Fact" Friday!!!!!

"The first weddings compromised of a groom taking his bride by capture. He would take her somewhere hidden away so her relatives and villagers couldn't find them. There they stayed for one moon phase and drank mead, a wine made from honey, to make them more amorous. Thus, the word "honeymoon" was born. Today, the honeymoon is the time when the couples can get away for awhile." (source)

Miss Sassy

While I admit that I can be quite sassy at times, the other reason that I chose the name "Sassy" is because it rhymes with Cassie [which is my nickname]. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized why I love my name [Cassie]. Because it's absolutely adorable when small children with speech impediments try to pronounce "Miss Cassie" and it comes out "Miss Sassy." I now have three reasons why I have chosen the name Sassy Bride on a Mission for my blog. :) Awesome!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Becoming an Unabriged Bride

Throughout the month (give or take a little bit) that I've been blogging, I've come across a lot of great ideas, inspirations, and topics. One that I found particularly interesting was The Unabridged Bride workshop. It happened back in July, and I read many great things about it on other blogs. I specifically remember someone saying something about it being so wonderful that they wished they'd had it earlier in their wedding planning. After reading that, I decided that it had to be something valuable and something I needed to do.

Well, today, I got home from work and was doing my usual Internet routine of checking things - Gmail, Facebook, Google Reader, My Blog Stats, and Twitter {{and yes, in that order}}. While on Twitter, I noticed a post from @mckinneyos. It said, "Nashville Brides should check out Only available in Nashville and the only workshop of its kind!!" When I saw it, alarm bells went off in my head!! I got so excited. :) I totally want to do this. After checking out the website - The Unabridged Bride, I knew it was going to be worth it - my time and money.

But first...

What does every future bride have to do?? ... Ask the fiance! I mean, I wasn't going to sign up for something that involved him on Day 3 without asking him if he would join me. {{See? I'm a considerate wife-to-be!!}} And do you know what he said [via facebook, of course]??? "Sure babe, i will do it for you if you want me to."

So, now, do you know what I'll be doing tomorrow? Besides putting my paycheck into the bank? I will be registering for the workshop! The workshop I've heard so much about! Can you tell I'm excited? Yes, I know my wedding is 23 months away. But, I like to do as much as I can in advance because, eventually - if I'm being totally honest, I'll procrastinate in some way. That's just how it goes. You can ask my late night and all nighter papers that were left until the day before they were due. :)

After my extremely long and overly verbose post, I'm going to become an Unabridged Bride in September. I'm going to register tomorrow...which will also land me entries into three different contests.

If you are interested in also becoming an Unabridged Bride, please check out their website! The dates for the workshop are September 10th (7-9), 17th (7-9), and 23rd (7-9:30). It's at the Aloft Hotel in Franklin, TN.

Hope to see you there!

Favor Fiasco

R and I know what we want for our wedding favors, but it's a matter of talking to the reception site venue. Read about it on Weddzilla - here.

Photo: The Knot

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Colors

Check out my post about the colors for my wedding @ Weddzilla. :)

My Apologies

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't been posting. As I mentioned on Sunday, I've just started a new job. I'm trying to get used to the hours and trying to find time to myself. I will try to post something wedding related soon though!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Project

This weekend...besides getting a job, I moved upstairs to my old room. My sister got married a few weeks ago and moved out of the house. In a few weeks, my grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and my mom is hosting a little soiree the night before for family members that are in town. My dad has been inhabiting her dining room as an office, and mom wants it back as a dining room. So, I got moved back upstairs to my old room. Only, when I got up here, it looked like this...
Apparently, it glowed if the lights were on and the blinds were pulled up. Now, it does not. It looks like this...
So serene and peaceful. Now - I just have to unpack everything and get cable up here...until then I get to watch lots and lots of movies {{and get high off the lingering paint fumes}}.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a Little Bit Better

As you may or may not know, I recently graduated from college with a degree in Education. Well, since before graduating {in, oh, say...March?!?!}, I've been looking for a teaching position. I had a couple face-to-face interviews, but none of them panned out the way I needed them to - which means I didn't get the job. But, I'm not the kind to give up! My parents kept telling me to get a part time job in retail. I said, "No, thank you." Been there; done that; don't want to again. And, thankfully!!!, my patience paid off.

Friday - I got an e-mail from a school that I had asked to be put on their sub list telling me that they had a position open up for a floater/aftercare worker. I immediately wrote back and said I would love to be considered.

Saturday - I was in the car with my mom on the way to Hobby Lobby and Lowe's when I got a phone call. The lady asked if I was busy, and, obviously, I said no. I then had a phone interview. It involved three questions and was fairly easy. {{Kind of nerve wracking though sitting next to my mom}}

Sunday - I get a phone call. The lady has that sound in her voice. You know...the one where they're about to let you down??? Except...she didn't! She offered me a job. And, I took it!!!!! Now, I start tomorrow @ 11am.

I feel so empowered. I can't wait to start working there. :)

This was a good weekend!!

p.s. Be sure to enter the contests I posted about this weekend!!!! (One ends tonight.)

Don't You Just Love Free Things??

I'm not typically a lucky person, but I still like to try. It never hurts to try. Think about how lost we would be without lights and plumming... Yeah, it brought a gross imagine to my mind too.


I discovered a little contest available at Legally Pink and Green. {If you love all things fun and preppy, this is a blog for you!} She is giving away a 2010 Wall Calendar, and it just so happens to be pink and green. And, who doesn't need a calender for 2010?? I know I do. :)
There are five different ways to enter this contest, and you can find out what they all are here!!
This contest ends Thursday, August 20th @ 5 pm.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Head on over to Weddzilla and check out my post on Printable Press' Invitations. {Thanks to Sarah Elizabeth for this great find!!!}

Just click...

Hair Accessory Give-Away

I was over at Miss Kriss' blog and noticed that she had a contest posted on her sidebar. Always ready to put my luck to the test, I headed on over to the blog {Headbands and Hand Bags} that is holding the contest. The owner of this blog is giving away...
1. A beautiful navy blue ribbon headband
2. A cute, preppy pink and green headband
3. FIVE ribbon flower headclips
If you love a good hair accessory - and I totally do - then head on over to her blog and put your name in!!
Click here to enter!

This contest ends Sunday, August 16th @ midnight!!
Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding Fact Friday

This sounds a little messy to me...
I wonder if it works though???

"Legend says single women will dream of their future husbands if they sleep with a slice of groom's cake under their pillows." (source)

Also, a text message I got from R last night: "I love you like a fish loves bait."