Saturday, August 29, 2009

super Duper SAVINGS!!!

I've started a new job {{as you well may know}} and I needed some new clothes. I bought a pair of capris and 2 shirts last weekend at Old Navy on sale. I thought I got them for a good deal...until I ventured to Kohl's this evening. If you didn't know, they were having a HUGE sale this weekend.

Here's a little recap of what I got {{and how much I saved}}:
Decorative Art - Original: $29.99//Sale: $14.99 [saved: $15.00]
Men's Knits - Original: $30.00//Sale: $6.00 [saved: $24.00]
Misses Tee - Original: $24.00//Sale: $4.80 [saved: $19.20]
Misses Knits - Original: $26.00//Sale: $2.60 [saved: $23.40]
Sonoma Sportswear - Original: $24.00//Sale: $4.80 [saved: $19.20]
Updated Separate - Original: $20.00//Sale: $4.00 [saved: $16.00]
Sonoma Sportswear - Original: $18.00//Sale: $3.60 [saved: $14.40]
Related Separate - Original: $42.00//Sale: $12.60 [saved: $29.40]
In total, I spent $53.39 {pre-sales tax}.
I saved $160.60 {pre-sales tax}.
I feel quite proud of myself!

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