Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Project

This weekend...besides getting a job, I moved upstairs to my old room. My sister got married a few weeks ago and moved out of the house. In a few weeks, my grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and my mom is hosting a little soiree the night before for family members that are in town. My dad has been inhabiting her dining room as an office, and mom wants it back as a dining room. So, I got moved back upstairs to my old room. Only, when I got up here, it looked like this...
Apparently, it glowed if the lights were on and the blinds were pulled up. Now, it does not. It looks like this...
So serene and peaceful. Now - I just have to unpack everything and get cable up here...until then I get to watch lots and lots of movies {{and get high off the lingering paint fumes}}.

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