Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've come to the realization that I love all things involving bright colors. Why? I do not know. Perhaps because my closet is filled with drab monochromatic colors. But, then, I have to remind myself the black is a slimming color. You know I'm right.

But, at any rate, I've becomes obsessed with any color scheme involving blue, yellow, and green - which just happen to be my wedding colors. Maybe it's stemming from the fact that it's summer, but I love bright colors.

For instance, I'm totally nesting and desiring my own place, which I can't get until I am gainfully employed... But, nonetheless, does that stop me from looking for things for a house/apartment?? Of course not!! And, do the things I look at just happen to be in my wedding coloring scheme? maybe...

Should I be concerned? Or, just go with it? I mean, the pale yellow mixing bowl will match my pale yellow stand mixer. And, I think a splash of color in the bedroom is a good thing...

You're right...I'm obsessed. But, that's okay!! :)

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