Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today was AWESOME!!!!

Not only did I get my beautiful purse that I ordered on Friday during a back to school sale, but I got my teaching license for Tennessee.

I waited a mere 4 days for the purse that I have been coveting for a month, and it was like Christmas morning. I saw the UPS man walking up to the house and I ran for the door!! I wanted that purse...immediately. I tore the box open like my life depended on it and thought it was everything I wanted in a purse. Everything - as of right now - is perfectly organized in it and ::drum roll:: there's even room for a book!! Yes, I know. I'm one of those people who carries a book around with her, but you never know when you'll be waiting for someone and need something to do.

However, I waited two excruciating months to get my teaching license from TN. I sent in the paperwork back in the beginning of June, and every day since I have wondered if they had even gotten the paperwork at all. To make matters worse, I read on FMyLife.com about someone who called to see if their scholarship paperwork had been received. They lady told the person yes, but come to find out she wanted to leave for the day and didn't even take the time to look. In fact, they had not received the paperwork at all. After reading that, I fretted more about the possibility that perhaps the state had not received my paperwork at all. But, today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw an envelope in our mailbox from the state. The wait is over!! I now have a teaching license for TN.

Best day ever...so far this month. :)

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