Monday, July 20, 2009

My Addiction

I have a problem with latching on to new things. For example, whenver I get a new song on iTunes, I play it over and over again because I can’t ever get enough! I’m pretty sure that will be my problem here. I don’t think I’ll be able to tear myself away from my new blog. You can tell because it’s only been a few hours since my very first post. I guess this will keep me from being bored since I am currently unemployed.

Here’s what I’ve discovered that I love so far…

  • The Knot – I love the budgeter on this site. You can input your amount, how many people you’ve invited/are attending, and the female and male attendants. It also gives you a breakdown of how much you should spend per person on food, favors, and invitations.
  • The Cathedral of the Incarnation – This ceremony site is breathtaking. R and I are Catholic, as are our families. It is important to us to get married in a Catholic Church. It has a beautiful aisle and altar that almost any bride would fall in love with.
  • St. Henry’s Catholic Church – As with the Cathedral, this ceremony site is absolutely beautiful. It has the same features that the cathedral does plus more. I love it’s circular foyer/narthex and astonishing stained glass windows. They are so vibrant and would be a great addition to any bride on her wedding day.
  • The Cannery Ballroom – This reception venue seems very sleek and modern with a Southern twist. It has great opportunities for many different kinds of decorations wether it be DIY projects or hired lighting with drapery.
  • aVenue – I like this reception venue because, like the Cannery Ballroom, it has a nice open feeling. I really enjoy the raised portion of the room which I envision showcasing the DJ and cake so that neither gets bumped into with some crazy dance moves.
  • Union Station – I absolutely LOVE this place! I think the decor alone speaks for itself – both outside and inside. It’s just so classic and elegant like I’ve always dreamed. I would love to have my reception here if I could afford it.
  • Nashville City Club – I think it looks very crisp and clean, which makes it perfect for any kind of color scheme. It is a major plus because it has a beautiful view of the Nashville skyline, which I love. I’ve been to a wedding where I could see the Charlotte, NC skyline from the roof and LOVED the ambiance created by such a surrounding.
  • Loveless Barn – This is looking like a great possibility for R and I. It is very open and seems easy to decorate with candles, lighting, and small flowers. The outside is definitely deceiving. I’m not a country girl by any means and do not want to echo my sister’s Old Spencer Mill wedding, but this place is so divine inside that I can’t get over it. It’s been stuck in my head for awhile now. (Maybe that’s a sign?)
  • Casablanca Bridal – Yes, I know that my wedding is 2 years away, but what girl doens’t like trying on bridal gowns. I feel so glamourous and beautiful in them. I have found two from this designer that I love – 1881 and 1938. The even greater thing is…they are under $1000 and aren’t discontinued.
    • 1881 – From the moment I saw it, this dress spoke to me. R wants me in a white dress but I just love the two-tone for this dress. Yes, I know that I can get it in one color, but I’ve seen it that way and do not like it as much. Plus, I love the bling. It’s just enough to give the dress that extra edge. AND, another bonus, it can be made into a halter dress. I’m kind of busty so I would like some extra support for my girls.
    • 1938 – This dress is beautiful too sans the flower. Once on, it shows all the right curves in all the right places. That’s what I love about the new pleated/rouching style – it’s absolutely figure flattering!!! The only thing missing is some shine, but that can easily be added with a necklace and earrings. :)
  • San Patrick – While I cannot post the link to my absolutely favorite dress from this designer. I can give you the name – Eliseos. If you go to the website, you can see the gown. The shop near me – Cherished Memories – had just gotten the dress in when I tried it on. I was very impressed and so were the sales associates. I was the first to try it on and all of us were stunned. I didn’t think I would like a dress with those design elements, but I was pleasantly suprised.

Any pointing in the right direction or opinions on what I have discovered so far would be welcome. I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sorry for the cliche. I just seemed to be frustrated all ready and haven’t even begun to do the BULK of my planning yet. Help…


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