Friday, July 24, 2009

Dilemma for 'Maids and 'Men

So...I'm a little concerned. I like things to be the same number of things on each side. Symmetrical, I guess you could say. For my sister's wedding recently, she had three 'maids and her hubby had three 'men. It looked great in pictures.

Photo Credit: My Mom!!

My dilemma is that my FH has FIVE 'men and I only have THREE 'maids. I'm sorry worried that our pictures will look...not how I want. I know have some time to make new friends and put them in my wedding since I'm not getting married until 2011, but I still have reservations.

What do you ladies think? Should I push myself to find two more 'maids so that it's even and symmetrical? I am not about to tell my FH that he can't have is 5 guys. That's just awful. I'm so confused. This is probably the one thing that has been plaguing me the longest about our wedding.

What to do?

Please help...

*~Sassy Bride~*

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  1. I would rather have it uneven than have people standing up with me on the most important day of my life who I really don't care about or who don't care that much about me. If you don't feel like you have more than 3 special people to be up there with you then then you should only have 3. It is becoming more of a trend to have un-even sides, although I am with you and I prefer the symmetrical look.