Friday, July 24, 2009

A Photographers Tips

I was browsing through facebook today and something caught my eye. I saw an advertisement for beautiful photography. Captured by the lovely photograph on the right of my screen, I decided to click on it. It led me to Don Wright Photography. He has some wonderful pictures and some great deals right now. Go check him out.

But, I also found some valuable information for all us soon-to-be brides. On his blog, he has a list of what you should know before your engagement photo session with a photographer. I think they are great tips. You can find them below.

"1. Wear clothing that makes you look and feel like yourself, don’t pull out that shirt that looks nice, but you NEVER wear.

2. Avoid patterns or really bold stripes as it distracts from your wonderful face

3. Don’t wear matching clothes. Please. It looks cheesy and doesn’t provide separation between you two unique individuals.

4. Bring a change of clothes if you want a different look. Maybe several depending on timeframe.

5. Don’t camouflage yourself!! If we’re outside in spring, don’t wear green - if were in a concrete alley doing some grunge shots, don’t wear grey!

6. Men or women can wear jackets or other accessories to vary the look.

7. For ladies, I recommend getting hair and makeup professionally done for any session. Some photographers provide one, I have several who help with my sessions if you’re interested!

8. Mineral makeup is wonderful in photos. Regardless of mineral or not, bring some extra to touchup mid-shoot.

9. I ask everyone I shoot to meet with me several days before-hand for drinks/coffee - it sounds strange, but its the best way to get good photos as we skip the whole “getting to know eachother” 1/2 hour -

10. My photos are about YOU so don’t you dare act like anyone but yourself - and let me know some of your FAVORITE PLACES before hand - I’d like to shoot there!"

*~Sassy Bride~*

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