Thursday, January 7, 2010

Light the Way

I love light. There is just something about it that can make or break your mood. For example, I seriously dislike fluorescent lights. They are unflattering to both figure and face. I always seem to look tired and pasty in fluorescent lighting. {This is why makeup is a girl's best friend.} And, trying on clothes in a dressing room, let's just not even go there. {This is why girls shop in pairs/groups.}

photo : archi expo

Now, uplighting I like. It's dramatic and can completely change the ambiance of a room. Why go for just a dimly lit room when you can completely make your own with uplighting. Bring in an amber color to set a romantic mood. Or, use colors from the scheme of your wedding/event. However, you choose to use it; you won't be sorry. Change something ordinary into something extraordinary.

photos : entertainment tonite

Me? I'm a fan of the blues, the yellows/ambers, and the purples. It's soft and welcoming while adding a "Let's Celebrate" vibe, especially the purple uplighting. I just have to see a picture, and I start melting. I would love to add something like this to my wedding reception - wherever it may be! :) However, I'm not quite sure it's in the budget. Again, a girl can dream, right?! {Of course.}

photo : slyvia wayfer events

photo : it's your night

photo : love and splendor


  1. I agree! Uplighting makes a huge difference and looks fantastic!

  2. We are getting red uplighting for our room and I love it! Can't wait to see the final product. Thankfully, I was able to get about 28-30 perimeter uplights, pinspot lights for the cake table, a custom GOBO light of our monogram for the wall/dance floor and the intelligent dance floor lighting system included in our DJ package price of $1500 That price also includes the DJ and his services and set up and speakers/sound system and mics for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I am super excited about it!

  3. Candles and lamps are a budget-bride's best friend. Just saying ;)