Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

Photo : Bryant McGill

I totally didn't want to get sucked into this because I see so many wedding blogs do it,
but I just can't help it anymore!!!
There are so many things that I'm wishing for wedding-wise.
I beg you.
Please forgive my copy-cat-ness.
{yes, indeed, I did just make up that word.}

Here is what I'm currently wishing for:
My Dream Day Attire

1. This Sophia Tolli Gown {Y1919 Georgette}

2. This Lulu Splendor Necklace {Sabine Luxe Garden Party}

3. This Pair of Butter City Pumps (Turquoise with Black Bow)

4. This Lori London Waterfall Veil {Ribbon Edge}

5. This David's Bridal Gown [for the reception] {Galina #VC9832}

6. This Powder Blue Bijoux Fascinator

7. These Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clips {Maxine}

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  1. Wish away! That's what planning your perfect day is all about. :)