Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Weekend Recap

After work on Friday (around 6pm), I went and picked up Mr. GrapeJuice.
We headed to get dinner, coffee, and gas in Providence before hitting the road.
We left the area around 7pm and arrived in Belmont, NC at about 2am.
After arriving, we began to make the rounds to see everyone.
Smartly, most people were asleep, but we somehow managed to stay up until 4am!!

I then woke up at 8am the next morning.
[yes, i know. only 4 hours of sleep!!]
As soon as I woke up, my bestest from school and twin sis in our sorority K-Bean said she wanted Mimosas.
So, what did I do while she was at the cross country meet?
I went to Walmart and bought some orange juice and champagne!
Once K-Bean returned from the meet, we headed to Mass because she was a reader.
Meanwhile, our mimosas waited for us in her fridge.
After Mass, we headed back to her room, with a few extra people in tow, and we enjoyed our lovely mimosas.
[by this time it's around 12pm]
After enjoying our adult beverages, K-Bean and I parted ways for a little while.
She had to go set up a tent for the soccer games, and I needed to eat something.
Mr. GrapeJuice and I walked down to Holy Grounds, which is kind of like a Panera {sandwiches, coffee, soups, etc}.
While there, we met up with practically everyone we hadn't seen yet and ate lunch with them.
After eating, we headed to the field to watch the soccer games.
[Belmont Abbey College does not have a football team.]
We were at the soccer games {both men and women} until about 5pm.
Within that span of time, I got my hand painted and took multiple sorority pictures.
{{Just the family minus my big. Me in the middle ['cause I'm the alum], my little on the left [in the red], and K-Bean on the end on the right [with her sunglasses on]}}
{{Our token picture - our family has big boobs so we like to present them}}
{{this isn't everybody but a good portion of us; we're the biggest sorority on campus}}
{{Me and my little}}

I also attended the Volleyball game during the second half of the girls' soccer game.
Volleyball didn't win but both soccer teams did!!
[despite the Ref's vision problems]

After the games ended, Mr. GrapeJuice and I headed to dinner and the mall.
Silly me brought a white shirt to wear and only had a purple bra with me.
[what else was I supposed to do?]
So, I go into Victoria Secret fully settled on spending the normal $50.
I talk with the sales associate about what I'm looking for in a bra, and she points in the direction of two that I might like.
I decided on the one style and have Mr. GrapeJuice help me pick between a dark nude and a light, blush pink.
[he tells me to go with the pink because it'll make my skin better since I'm so pale]
Well, he is a genius!!
Not only do I love the bra, but it only cost me $14!!!
I had no idea until I got to the register!
It was a red line sale bra.
Talk about luck and good fortune.

After leaving the mall and eating dinner, we headed back to get ready for the school's production of The Importance of Being Earnest.
I used to do theatre there and always love to see a good show.
I was not disappointed at all!

After the show [around 10pm], it was time to get our drink on!!
Well, not me.
I was too tired all ready and would have passed out if I had drank anything.
Mr. GrapeJuice did though, which is fine by me.
All I really cared about was hanging out with everyone and having a good time, which I did.
And so did Mr. GrapeJuice.
He is not Southern by any means, which is why I had to snap this picture.
[sorry for the poor quality]

My night ended around 2am when I couldn't possibly keep my eyes open anymore.
Mr. GrapeJuice's ended around 5am.
[he had gotten more sleep than I had the night before]

The next morning we woke and enjoyed pancakes and bacon with all our friends before hitting the road.
We had a great time and accomplished a LOT in one day!!

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  1. Sounds like a fab weekend. Love the boob pic heheheh