Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Blog Award :)

On Monday, I was graciously given - by Miss Chocolate Lover - the Kreativ Blogger award!
This is my first and am so completely excited to have received it.
What I have to do:
1. Post 7 facts about myself
2. Pass this award to 7 wonderfully amazing bloggers

Here are the facts:
1. I constantly coo over babies, cats, and puppies, and cannot wait to have my own.
2. If I could blog, bake, and color/do crafts all day long, I totally would! Those are probably my favorite current hobbies.
3. I am no stranger to hospitals. I have had 4 eye surgeries, a tonsillectomy, and my wisdom teeth removed. All in all - 6 surgeries in my far.
4. I hate driving by huge holes in the road {not potholes} and ravines. I hate walking over grates on the sidewalk too. I'm always afraid I might fall in!
5. I said "I love you" to Mr. GrapeJuice first and waited about 2 weeks for him say it back. {Talk about feeling vulnerable!!}
6. As much as I'm a girlie girl, I still haven't found the perfect makeup because I can't figure out my skin {both complexion and type} and what looks good with it {and on me}.
7. I drool and dream when watching Broadway musicals. I desperately want to be like the actors in the shows! {I'm still waiting for my big break but not actively seeking it.}

I will be passing this award along to the following lovelies:

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