Thursday, September 10, 2009

The First of Many

::I apologize for my lack of post yesterday. I was caught up in the world of GLEE.::

Last night, I dreamed about my wedding. Do I remember what I dreamed? Of course not!! But, I did. And, it was my first wedding dream. {But I'm pretty sure it won't be the last...} I can say that it was a pleasant dream though! :) I just hope all my wedding dreams are pleasant, and that I don't have nightmares about someone not showing up or the cake being ruined. Knowing me though, I will probably have those dreams too!

And, in other fun news, I'm heading out to aLoft Hotel in Cool Springs tonight for Night One of the Unabridged Bride Series! :)

Don't worry...I'll tell you all about it!



  1. Can't wait to meet you tonight! I added you to my "Nashville Bride Bloggers" blog roll :) You will have more dreams as you overcome more planning hurdles ... I just hope you don't have the nightmares!

  2. Just found your blog -- too cute! Have fun tonight!