Monday, November 8, 2010

Music Monday - Shrek

Please excuse me as I crawl out from under the rock that I have been hiding under.
We have less than two months until our wedding day.
I would really love to know where all the time went...!
I seriously hope life will begin to slow down at some point...
Please tell me that it does {or, at least, lie to me...}!!

I waited all my life
Lived it by the book
Now I know that's not my story
You take me as I am
Love me as I look
Standing here in all my glory

I am sweetness
I am bratty
I'm a princess
I'm a fatty
I'm a mess of contradictions in a dress
I am sassy
I am sappy
When I'm with you, I am happy

This is my story

You laugh at all my jokes
Even though they're crude
You don't mind that I'm not classy

We make a perfect pair
Radiant and rude
So in love and much too gassy

We are ogres
We are scary

We are donkeys
We are hairy
We have bold and brand new stories to be told
We will write them
We will tell them
You will hear them
You will smell them

This is our story

[Spoken by Shrek]
...And that is how the little ogre came to live on the swamp with a beautiful princess-

[Donkey butts in]
AND his best friend!

[Shrek correcting himself]
AND his best friend!

[Fairytale Creatures joining in]
And a gingerbread man!
And a very handsome puppet!
And an elf!
And a fairy godmother!
And a witch!
And a cross-dressin' wolf!
And the three pigs!

[Sung by all]
What makes us special
(What makes us special)
What makes us special
(What makes us special)
What make us special makes us strong!

We are witches
We are fairies
We are weirdos

[Shouted by Pinocchio]

[All Singing]
We're a giant Whitman’s sampler here to try

We are puppets
We are rabbits
We are hobbits with bad habits
We're a screwy but reliant crazy stew
We are different and united
You are us and we are you

This is our story
This is our story
This is our story

[Gingy shouting]

[Sung by all]

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