Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding Fact Friday

I am posting this to spite Mr. GrapeJuice.
We are both Catholic, and we are planning to have a Catholic wedding.
However, I think it would be really beneficial {and efficient} to see each other before the ceremony. 
Of course, he does not agree. This is the one aspect where he wants to be traditional.
Does he care if I wear a veil? nope.
Does he want my dress to be white? yes, but he's come to terms with the fact that it's not.
So...why can't he give up on this notion as well?
He says that if I can prove a valid point then he'll seriously consider it.
Well, last night I showed him the fact below, and he said it wasn't credible because there was a "typo!"
{do you think a five paragraph essay would win him over?}

"The Groom Not Seeing The Bride Before The Wedding - (Superstition)

Many of our current wedding "customs" originate from century old superstitions that would avoid incurring bad luck. In ancient times, marriages were considered a business arrangement made between family members, rather than a celebration of love. Marriages cemented alliances between families and insured transfer of land and wealth between them.

Often the groom had not met or even seen his future wife before the ceremony. The bride was kept hidden to eliminate any disapproval of her from the groom. It was feared that once seeing her he may have refused to proceed with the ceremony. This of course would have bought bad luck, by putting the family's financial arrangements in jeopardy.

Today this custom has lost its relevance. Arranged marriages are not very common in our modern North American society nor will the Catholic Church condone a marriage between people who have never met. A Catholic wedding ceremony is a sacrament that couples administer to each other, so it must be a ceremony of mutual consent. Many couples are abandoning this custom of hiding from one another, choosing instead to have private time together for prayer and reflection before the ceremony. They then as a couple greet their guests upon their arrival."
source ::
photo :: chris + lynn photograhpy
p.s. if you notice the typo, please let me know because i don't see it!


  1. I definitely recommend seeing each other beforehand. We were originally going to take the traditional route, but seeing each other before is seriously one of the best decisions we made about the wedding. Our “first look” was such a special, unforgettable moment – much more memorable that his seeing me from the end of a long aisle.

    We got to hug and talk, and were then able to capture some of the best photos from the day pre-ceremony, while my makeup was fresh and before things got crazy. Seeing each other also did wonders for our nerves, since we were both more nervous than we thought we’d be. I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. There are a few comma splices within the essay, but who doesn't comma splice these days? Poetic license!

    We saw each other before the ceremony and it was my favorite moment. It was JUST US. Not all 200 of our guests. Much, much, much more special for us. Our videographer caught it on tape, and I get chills every time I see that moment.

    We toyed with the traditional notions vs. modern efficiency, but I'll be honest, there was nothing non-traditional about walking down the aisle to no one but my groom. It was sheer perfection.

  3. We saw each other before the ceremony and I wouldn't change it!

  4. Interesting research info. Inever knew why the bride and groom weren't supposed to see each other beforehand....