Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Can Do That!

I have a jam packed next few weeks before school starts, and I'm stoked about it!

I'll be meeting with a DJ, going to see some chairs {and hopefully like them!}, and I hope to be signing the catering contract. And, somewhere in there, I'm supposed to be meeting up with my MOH for a coffee date!

Mr. GrapeJuice and I will be attending a marriage workshop through the Catholic Diocese of Nashville. It is an Engaged Couples Retreat at Scarritt-Bennett. If you want to read about it, you can click here. We have to fill out a Myers Briggs personality questionnaire form. I hate filling them out because I always get nervous that people will judge me and that I'm answering the questions wrong! {so silly.}

Next Saturday
Mr. GrapeJuice and I will be heading over to Street Tuxedo to check out their suits and tuxedos. I'm hoping to convince him that a gray suit would be the way to go. They look so sleek and would fit into the style of our wedding so well! Hopefully, he'll go for it.

The Last Saturday in July
My ladies from NC are coming in, and we are hopefully going to find a bridesmaid dress! Sadly, my sister won't be joining us because she'll a little newborn to take care of. {I'm going to be an aunt soon!!}
Plus, during all this time, I'm supposed to be setting up my classroom and getting it ready for the next school year. I haven't been able to go in yet though since they're in the process of replacing all of the flooring due to the flood at the beginning of May.

photo :: lolcars


  1. I know you may have already decided, but I would advise against Street Tuxedo. They messed things several times with us - including telling us to fax in measurements then having a broken fax machine, losing all the groomsman's measurements after Mr. Smith DROVE them all down there after the fax debacle, giving Mr. Smith the wrong size TWICE, giving my dad the wrong size, not giving us our second free tux (we had more than double the amount to receive a free one), and just being really unknowledgeable all the time. I really wouldn't want anyone else to go through that if I could help it.

    Grey suits/tuxes though - LOVE

  2. Found you through Rosebuds. Love your blog. I am a wedding junkie. I will definitely be coming back and getting my fill.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Everything sounds so exciting and busy. Have fun getting everything done. I just love the street sign.

  4. Hope you found a gooooooooorgeous bridesmaid dress!

  5. I'm ALL about the grey suits!!! How did it go?! Such a crazy busy (and of course fun) time!