Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On Saturday, Mr. GrapeJuice and I took a little day tip to Chattanooga.
We went to the aquarium. :)
The penguins are super cool!

Anyway, on our back from Chattanooga, we stopped at the shopping center in Murfreesboro that's right of off I-24. I'd never been there before, but they had an Off  Broadway Shoes.
And, as you all know, I'm in some serious need of some wedding day shoes!
So, Mr. GrapeJuice and I popped in there.
I almost found what I was looking for.
I tried on these pretty Luichinies.
source :: shoes.com

They're just not exactly what I'm looking for.
The color's a little too dark, and I'm not completely crazy about the strap.
But, I discovered something interesting when trying them on.
I was still a teeny bit shorter than Mr. GrapeJuice...and they boast that the shoe has a 4.5 inch heel.!!

you best believe that I'm pouncing on these li'l mamas by rsvp!!!!!!!
source :: zappos.com

Hopefully they look good with my dress too!

p.s. Look for a sweet surprise tomorrow!


  1. I really like both pairs actually!

  2. I love both pairs! I think you'll be happy either way!

  3. I love those!!!
    I am in search of a pair of wedding shoes myself- I want midnight blue.
    Seen any in your quest???

  4. Ooh, nice. Still looking for cute shoes for my wedding!