Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon with my grandmother. It was awesome! We are so much alike, and I absolutely love it. :)
We were on a find the material for my wedding day necklace.
She's going to make it for me!
{I feel so blessed.}

We found some ivory pearls,
source :: fire mountain gems

and we found some gray pearls
source :: fire mountain gems

My grandmother is going to make a multi-strand pearl necklace by alternating the stands.
One ivory, one gray, one ivory, one gray, one ivory, and one more gray.
I'm really stoked!
Then, we're going to add an embellishment to the a brooch/pin.
My grandma has one that she wore in high school that she let me have.
I played around with it a little today, and here's what I came up with.
Your thoughts?

Grandma also gave me a hair comb that I'm going to try to incorporate into my fascinator and a bracelet that matches both the hair comb and the brooch she gave me.
She also gave me some fabulous clip on earrings that I'm thinking about using as shoe clips...maybe. I'm still undecided on that front.

Yesterday, we also got our wedding bands in the mail!!!!!!
I was so stoked to see that package on the dining room table when I got home.
I tore through it like nobody's business.

Please excuse my horrendous phone pictures.

p.s. Don't forget to vote for where Mr. GrapeJuice and I should go on our honeymoon! {You might win a Starbucks gift card!}

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  1. I just looked through "borrowed" antique jewelry this week too! Very fun :) Mom had so much stuff from my nana, and I was really looking forward to going through it to see what I might use for my wedding for a long time.

    I actually didn't have as much luck as you did (like I'd find cute earrings and a cute necklace but nothing that worked with my dress as a set). But I didn't mind too much. It was more the experience of it. And I MIGHT still find a way to make a single piece work. And I'm pretty sure I'll at least use a brooch or two for bouquets. Mom even had the same idea as you did, with the clip on earrings and shoe clips, but they really dug into the tops of my feet, so test that out well in advance!