Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Today was a weird day at school.
But, I've learned a lot from it, and in the process, stumbled upon two wonderful websites that I feel I need to share with you!

FLY is an acronym for Finally Love Yourself.
"FlyLady uses the Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE) system as a basis for organizing her home and her life. She adds humor, spunk, and a dose of common sense to her advice, but be prepared - FlyLady does not allow whining. You have to get off your 'Franny'!"
Please join me in FLYing. The first step is to Shine Your Sink!
I can't wait to start.

 This is kind of like PostSecret but much more self-esteem boosting!
"The goal of the Operation Beautiful website is to end negative self-talk or “Fat Talk.”  If this little blog only does one productive thing, I hope it helps readers realize how truly toxic negative self-talk is  — it hurts you emotionally, spiritually, and physically."
I encourage you all to try to take part in this randomly. Maybe post a note in the bathroom at work. Or, put it on a random car window. You never know whose day you'll brighten with your kind words!


  1. I am very familiar with and love her program and the ways she helps you get organized. I haven't heard of operation beautiful. I will have to check this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I tried this the day you posted it. I put up 2 affirming post its, each on different mirrors, to remind myself not to think negative thoughts when I look in the mirror, and I've lost 4 pounds :)