Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life in the Past Two Weeks - Pt. 2


If you haven't been following the weather in the Southern states, then you've missed some serious craziness!
The weekend before (April 24th), we had some torrential down pours in the Nashville area. It was so bad that at some points you couldn't see two feet in front of you.

However, I had to go out into the rain, and I'm so disappointed that I did. I had to head to my school for our Spring Festival. On the way, I hydroplaned. It was, what I thought at the time, the worst experience I'd ever had. I wasn't the only one in the car either; my nine year old brother was with me. Without going into too much detail, I crossed all four lanes of I-40E and hit the retaining wall. I completely totaled my car.

Here's what it looked like after it happen. Please don't worry though. Both my brother and I are okay; just a few bumps and bruises!

So, now I'm looking for a new car. I've found one that I really like. Now, I just need to find it in my price range. Or, at the very least, something that I can reasonably finance.

And, now, we are currently battling floods in Middle TN. There is a creek near my house, and I'm supremely nervous that we'll obtain some water. Right now, we're okay, but anything could happen. Our town square is under three or four feet of water. All I can say is that it's just simply unbelievable. We need prayers, desperately!


  1. Praying for all that live in Tenn....Love your blog...Sunday evening blog hopping.....
    Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on late tonight.....
    Hope you will stop by.

  2. Oh wow! So glad you are both ok!

  3. So sorry about your car and the flooding. Stay safe!

  4. So sorry about your accident! Glad you are okay!