Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress

Long ago...
in the summer of 2009...
in the prime of my engagement...
I thought the dress below was absolutely perfect.
when I look at it...
it looks terribly structured and uncomfortable.
I have now found the dress below.
It looks sooooo comfortable and New-Years-Eve-party ready!
The criss-cross pattern echos the similar style on my gown.
And, I think the little flower on the shoulder strap is super sweet!
The dress also comes in gray, but it's not as va-va-voom! as the dress is in blue.

photos : david's bridal, moonlight bridal


  1. Ooh that's DEFINITELY cuter! I love the cris-cross.

  2. I love the asymmetry of this dress and the flower on the strap. It's not one of those bridesmaid dresses that you have to be ashamed of!