Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Flowers

I know most people prefer real flowers for their wedding bouquets. And, I know most people in the wedding business tend to look down on silk florals. I, on the other hand, am all for them...especially when one is a budget bride. I am a budget bride. Ergo, I will be using silk bouquets. I debated whether or not to splurge for real flowers for myself, but I think it would be rude if only I had them. Do you agree?

So...after my trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I decided to have my lovely ladies carry white tulips. I know they are a spring flower and that my wedding is in the winter, but they look snowy white. If I'm making a faux pas, please do not tell me. I'll be self-conscious about it! :)
photo : soda head

I am, however, having an issue deciding what color and type flowers I should carry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm seriously at a loss. I thought about cream peonies, but I figured the white tulips and cream peonies might clash. Plus, my color scheme doesn't really give way to many other flower color choices. Blech. Dilemma. Dilemma. Why me?


  1. From my experience, the biggest savings in silks is in the labor, but some of them can look just as fabulous as fresh, so there's nothing WRONG with it at all.

    All my flowers were ivory, and I was really picky about not mixing with stark white.

    All that to say I agree with you, but sadly have no recommendations. :(

  2. OK to be honest, I used to say the same things about silk but I have seen some INCREDIBLE florists use silk and I could NEVER tell they weren't real... go for it!!!

    And for flowers, I'm just going to throw ideas out there: peonies, cherry blossoms, lilies, roses, and daisies... there are lots more and I know you'll find something perfect!