Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Version of my Dress on Platinum Weddings

I like to find inspiration in lots of places. Sometimes, when I really want to torture myself, I watch Platinum Weddings on WeTV. There are some good ideas on there, but it usually baffles me how much money they spend! At any rate, I was watching the show one day and saw a version of my wedding dress! It's not exactly my dress though. {AHEM, Mr. GrapeJuice!} I was just so thrilled by it that I just had to share. :)
photo : visionari via yvonne design


  1. How fun! It looks beautiful. I watch that show, too, and it usually makes me feel really great about our budget. I couldn’t imagine spending the money those people do!

  2. How exciting! A very similar version of my dress is featured on one of the major bridal magazine this month... but not telling which one. It may give it away!