Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Fact Friday

Are you struggling to pick a wedding day?
Or, like me, are you trying to convince your honey that the day you picked is the best?

photo : corbis

Either way, here's something you may not have known about popular wedding months!
"August is the top month for weddings, with an average of 10.2% taking place. June comes in a close second with 9.9%." (source)

I always thought June was the most popular month because June Bride is a common term in the wedding world.

Guess I was wrong!


  1. If you haven't picked a date, are there any family dates you could use? Like the day your parents or grandparents got married? I'm getting married on my parents' anniversary because my dad passed away when I was young. Just a thought!

  2. I'm not sure about that statistc. I've read over and over that June, September, and May were the most popular. We chose August because it was unique and rarely chosen. Good luck picking your date!

  3. I think location plays a huge part in that stat. If you live in a super hot climate, I doubt many brides are picking August for their wedding!

  4. Of course we had to be the one oddball couple we know that wanted to get married in February. It's actually the nicest time of year for where we are going though!

    I would never be able to get married in August...TOO HOT! The most popular month around here seems to be either May or October.