Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Sweet Tooth

Everyone's talking about candy bars, sundae bars, popcorn bars, spice bars, etc.
While I don't necessarily want to have one of those, I do want some candy at my wedding.
And, what's better than rock candy?
Photo : Hoosier Historic Enterprises

And, this would be a great DIY project/science experiment!!
My little brother {he's 8} loves to do science experiments.
So, I think this would be an awesome Saturday activity.
Maybe we'll try it out soon to get all the details down; so by the time the wedding rolls around, we'll know what to do!

{plus, we are expecting to have kids at the wedding so this'll keep 'em occupied...along with a rockin' DJ!}
Photo : Luster Studios

{and no, this is not my brother}


  1. Fun stuff! I agree that I don't want a 'bar' at our wedding either - though they are beautiful, fun and tasty and the guests do in fact love them! But I also wanted something extra sweet besides the cake. Our caterer offered us a chocoloate fountain for dipping things like strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, etc. I found a company that even sells chocolate for this in our wedding color (aqua)! How cool is that? But I am also including little lollipops for the younger guests (children and teens). Everyone loves candy. Nice find.

  2. I don't want a candy bar either. One of the venues I am interested offers a station with mini sized desserts. That is something I might consider depending on the cost :-). But if you are having little ones, those rock candies are great. And I am sure you brother will love to get involved ;-)


  3. aww! I haven't had rock candy in forever!! I'm sure your brother will love it.