Thursday, October 29, 2009 a Good Way

This week has been multiple ways. I won't go into much detail here because no one wants to read a sob story, but I've decided to leave my job. I love the kids and the school, but I just need something more. I will be working there until December and after that, I will begin full-time subbing in the surrounding school systems. I've talked to many people and have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to eventually get my own classroom. There has also been a lack communication going on at work which has resulted in more drama than I care to be involved in - which is why my week has sucked!

However, I am excited to be moving forward in my career! And, it has been wonderful to work in a different teaching environment than I am trained. :) So, over the next two months {can you believe that's all that is left in the year 2009???}, I will be filling out paperwork to become a substitute!

In somewhat lighter news, Maria over at A Chocolate Lover's Confessions let me a little love over on her blog yesterday! {yay}


  1. Hey Cassandra,
    My friend filled out paperwork to become a sub in Davidson County, and they told her it would be 4-6 weeks. She finally got approved last week, 12 weeks after she turned in the paperwork. Not saying that is going to happen, but be prepared for the possibility. I hope it works out! I subbed for a while (in AL) and loved it...hopefully one day I'll get my teacher's license.

  2. Hey Cassie,

    I filled out paperwork to become a sub in Davidson Co. back when I was considering grad school for education (2008). I never got a response. I filled out the paperwork TWICE. My advice would be to go to the school board offices in person and ask to speak to someone in charge of substitute teachers. Or, consider another (more organized) county. Good luck!

  3. So bummed to hear about the unfortunate circumstances you've been dealing with. But glad to hear you have a positive perspective. Nothing great comes without a bit of struggle and everyone resists and fears change...but it always works out so that you find yourself in a much better place when you keep your eyes focused ahead on the future. It may not come quickly or easily, but you have many exciting life changes ahead for you! Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way :)