Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Great Combination

On the weekends, I tend to spend a great deal of my time on the Internet. {i know. it's sad.} But, I'm glad that I was over this past weekend because I got to see one of the greatest things ever!

I, for one, love to bake...everything! And, I love to read Bakerella. She has the cutest ideas, and every time I see a recipe, I get the urge to make it! Talk about relating to your readers. :)
{if you love mini foods like i do, bakerella is the blog for you!}

On Sunday, Bakerella focused on cake pops - one of the many popular items on her recipe blog. But, not just any cake pops. Oh no! WEDDING cake pops!!!!!

Photo : Bakerella

Don't they just look absolutely delectable? I think so! But, that's not the best part. Not by far. Because, at the end of the post, she did the following for a friend. {so sweet}

All Photos : Bakerella

{don't worry. she sad YES!}
And, that's why it is a great combination! It combines my two favorite things in life right now - weddings and baking!

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  1. I saw this too over the weekend! How sweet! Thats definitely a blog for a sweet tooth