Thursday, October 1, 2009

Golden Birthday on the Way!

Today is October 1st {in case you didn't all ready know that}!
Mr. GrapeJuice's birthday is October 22nd.
That means we currently have 21 more days until we celebrate!!!!!!

Last night, while he was at an interview {which we nicknamed a "winner-view" in hopes that we will get the job}, I slipped out to Opry Mills and headed straight to Fossil.
I picked up a little gift there for a cool $50!
The sales associate there was super helpful too and willing to deal with my picky tastes.

But, now, I'm pondering whether or not to get another gift for him.
He's a sports guy; no doubt!!
Any suggestions?
I do have some time to contemplate and purchase things.

He keeps saying that he wants to eat at Valentino's.
Would that be a sufficient second "gift?"

You're probably curious as to what a "golden" birthday is, too!
It's when you turn the age of your birthday.
For example, Mr. GrapeJuice will be 22 on October 22nd.
Some people call them grand birthdays, lucky birthdays, champagne birthdays, or star birthdays.
I can't wait to celebrate Mr. GrapeJuice's!
{which is why I don't mind spending a decent amount of money}

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