Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unabridged Bride

Over the weekend, I gave my blog a little face lift.
Can you tell?
Do you like it?

Well, over on the right sidebar, I've also added a little button/badge.
"Are you an Unabridged Bride?"
Yes, ma'am, I am!!
Thanks to Liza Hippler of Maiden to Married and Marie McKinney-Oates of Nashville Marriage Studio.

At the workshop, we covered many things - both useful and fun!
The first night we talked about ourselves and the wedding.
It was definitely an eye opener and made me rethink a lot of things - but in a good way!
The second night we got down to it with a Kettlebell workout.
We also learned how to create a stylish wedding on a budget with CJ Dickson and talked photography with Mandy Whitley.
The last night we got to bring our fiances along.
We learned how to quickly resolve conflicts, why life insurance is important, to talk about everything [including finances!!], and to relax with reflexology [i.e. hand & foot massages].

We also had a bit of homework, which I love,love,loved doing!
I came up with who I wanted to be as I planned my wedding and what I wanted our wedding to be.
Mr. GrapeJuice and I talked about our expectations for ourselves and each other as husband and wife.
And, now, I will share them with you!

As a bride, I want to be intune with my relationship as we plan of our lives, and I want to be relaxed while enjoying the journey to wife.
I want my wedding to be personal as well as a celebration of all the love and family around us while having/enjoying a great party!

Mr. GrapeJuice's Expectations of himself as a husband and me as a wife:
Husband: support wife [includes financials as well], love wife, cherish wife, protect wife, reproduce with wife
Wife: carry children & care for husband and children, stay truthful to husband, work together to efficiently run a family, be like your mother

My Expectations of myself as a wife and him as a husband:
Wife: support husband in everything, help around the house, be cook and maid most of the time (expect him to help some too), do little things to help make our lives/his day easier/happier without complaint or expected praise
Husband: be the man, kill the bugs, take care of the lawn, stay by my side in good and bad, get up at 4am to get the baby or sick child, support my dreams and the realities

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