Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gym or No Gym

Six months from today, I will be heading to Miami, FL for a cruise with R and his family. While I'm not unbecoming, I would still like to shed a few unwanted pounds. Every girl wants to look good in a bathing suit. Well, I have been looking around for a gym to join. I have found three that are pretty decent.

1. Graves Fitness - $180/6 months; no joining fee; taxes included
2. Urban Active - $14.95/month; $100 joining fee; $50 joining fee until tomorrow; taxes not included
3. Anytime Fitness - $39.99/month; $49.99 joining fee; taxes not included

Somehow, as much as I want to join a gym, I can't justify it to my budget. I'm unemployed and would basically pay to work out in air conditioning instead of taking a walk/run around my neighborhood. I'm so confused and hate making decisions. Maybe I should just suck it up and use my neighborhood as my gym until I move. When I move, I want to get an apartment that has a fitness complex on site. That's my goal. Then I won't have to pay to work out.

For my budget's sake, I think I'll just use the neighborhood as my treadmill. Good idea?

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