Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wonder of Wonder

So sorry for not posting until now. The past two days I have been searching and researching all different kinds of wedding reception venues. R and I all ready know that we're getting married in a Catholic church by my grandfather who is a Deacon; we just haven't picked the church. That's not a main concern right now because there are quite a few in the Nashville area. However, it has been incredibly hard to find a reception venue within our price range, but after two days of looking...I think I've found it. According to the wedding budget I'm using on The Knot, R and I are supposed to spend about $800 dollars on the reception venue. That's nearly impossible if you want something spectacular in the city...which is what I want. I'm more city than country. But, despite all the odds, I have found a venue that meets my standards at a reasonable rate as well!!! It is the Old Hickory Country Club.

*~Sassy Bride~*


  1. Oooh how pretty! I love their wood floors and chandeliers!

  2. that is an awesome venue for the reception...and so glad it was in your price range-you are going to make a beautiful bride and i am so glad i found your blog via SITS