Thursday, July 30, 2009

What To Ask the DJ

Per usual, I was browsing the internet for wedding related details. I am currently looking for a DJ that is moderately priced. While digging around for different DJs, I found one that had some helpful information on it - questions you should ask a DJ before hiring them with explanations as to why the questions are important.

Don’t hire a DJ until you ask these questions!

What type of party experience does your DJ have – at what types of functions does your DJ regularly play?

Many mobile DJ’s just mix records and CD’s but do not entertain. The best DJ’s are in fact “Entertainers” with great personality, stage presence and the ability to encourage interactive participation designed to promote party fun! Make sure your DJ has the background to entertain diverse age groups and has the professional knowledge and ability to “read” your crowd and sequence the songs your guests will respond to best throughout your function.

Do you provide a written performance agreement?

Written performance agreements protect both parties and ensure there is no misunderstanding between you and your DJ. All terms should be defined, and details such as: venue, function details, performance time, music requirements, deposit and fee payment details, cancellation policy and overtime charges should be clearly specified.

Are you insured?

A DJ who is insured demonstrates they are a serious business and care about the protection of you and your guests as well as their equipment.

Do you use professional equipment?

A DJ’s equipment should be designed to sound crisp at all listening levels as well as powerful enough for your event. It should be presented attractively and safely without exposed wiring.

Do you have backup equipment in case of emergencies?

Even professional equipment can fail and put an early end to your party. It is important to know there is backup equipment on site in the event of an emergency.

How loud will you play the music?

A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at an appropriate level for the guests, especially during social hours and meal times.
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  1. all very good advice...somehow I am slowly feeling like i am taking this wedding preperation right along with you...

    I hope this isnt annoying me reading your pasts posts...the person that had my name didnt even read the link i left...kinda defeats the whole purpose of what the SITS girls are trying to do...sorry I'm 3cups into my go go juice so i am rambling