Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slight Panic Attack

Yesterday and today, I have been trying to remember the fabulous invitation set that I found and showed to R. He loved them and specifically told me not to forget the page. And, what did I do? ::drum roll:: I forgot...

I went through all the history on my laptop and my dad's laptop. It took time to find exactly what I was looking for. Luckily, I remembered having found it earlier in the week and narrowed my search down to that. However, I have come to realization that I spend far too much time on the Internet. My search probably wouldn't have lasted very long if I didn't spend every hour of every day on the Internet. I think some untouched books in my room might get read quite soon.

At any rate, I have found the wondrous invitation that both R and I love that is also in our budget. I am so proud to have found it! It is from Magnet Street Weddings. It has our wedding colors, aqua and pale green, on it in spots. (I adore polka dots!!) It also has a spot for your picture too, which I think is pretty neat if you have some awesome engagement pictures. The respond card also happen to be a postcard -- cheaper stamps!
*~Sassy Bride~*


  1. Just found your blog- it's great to find another Nashville bride!

  2. Ha....I LOVE Magnet Street and really liked that inviation in particular :) I actually was originally going to use Magnet Street for our invites because it is imperative that I have photos on my invites and I found they are pretty reasonably priced. However, turns out that I ended up hiring a custom company to design my invitations. But I am so excited to see you have similar style and taste in colors and design to mine! See you over on Blogger Brides - Born to Be Mrs. Beever