Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm in love...and not just with R!

I have found some new vendor sites that I really love. One that I am particularly falling all over is Ever After! While some things are some what out of my price range, there are most definitely others that are in it!! But, hey, I love to dream that I can afford such things.

For example, I have completely fallen in love with this necklace (below). I so know that I cannot afford it for my wedding, but it's one of my wedding colors and would look stunning with a strapless dress. The designer is Glamorosi and she has lots of other wonderful designs as well that are quite affordable!


There is another designer, Notepourri, on the site that I have also fallen in love with. Their address label designs are super cute! And, coincidentally enough(!!), they too have a design that match my wedding colors. I seriously wish my wedding was sooner rather than later...so many good deals!!

The other site that I also love is Save On Crafts!! R and I were perusing the site last night and saw so many things that would be perfect for our wedding. I love DIY projects but I get bored easily. This is why I love the fact that our wedding is in two years; so I can work on our projects! :) To have the wedding now or later? Silly indecisive me. But...back to what I found!

I found these beautiful green unscented candles - $5.99 for a pack of 6. These would look great in frosted votive candles around a centerpiece on a white table with silver flatware.


I have so many ideas running through my head of what I want. I just wish I had an outlet to put all my energy...like designing my ENTIRE wedding!! :)


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  1. Hi there! I love your blog design it's so inviting. Thank you so much for featuring my labels. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials as well! Feel free to contact me at notepourri@gmail.com if you need any matching paper goods for your big day, I LOVE working with brides. :)